About the Event

Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) has initiated to organize the 1st Nutrition Olympiad 2017 under the Nutrition Club initiative supported by INGENUES/USAID. The objective of the Nutrition Olympiad is to demonstrate the potential benefits of engaging youth in nutrition activities and bring relevant stakeholders in a platform for networking and knowledge to build a healthy nation. The foremost notion of the event is to motivate the volunteers & foster the Nutrition Club (NC) activities to expand the network nationwide. Major activities will be Nutrition Hackathon, Showcasing Nutrition Club activities, Demonstration of Homestead/school garden, networking, award giving ceremony and workshop. Nutrition Club ULAB (Host Club) jointly with all Nutrition Clubs will organize the event. The activities will be organized jointly with various partners including Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) of Ministry of Agriculture, ICT Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecom and IT, Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS), IPHN and some other organizations.

Bangladesh already achieved food security and now pursuing to achieve nutrition security to build a healthy nation. The SDG2 also focuses on End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture nutrition. And, some 47.6 million or 30 percent of the total 158.5 million people in Bangladesh are young (10-24 years), and it will be between 10 and 19 percent by 2050, according to UNFPA (http://www.thedailystar.net/rise-of-youth-51048). BIID is implementing the INGENUES project of USAID to integrate nutrition & gender in extension services. These led BIID to adopt nutrition as an agenda to pursue and initiated the Nutrition Club initiative to foster engagement of youth to promote nutrition awareness and resolve the issue at local level. Under the mandate of Nutrition Club, the Nutrition Olympiad 2017 is being planned and organized.

Major Components
The Nutrition Olympiad 2017 will consist of a series of events (pre and post-Olympiad) and various activities which cover the following –

  1. Nutrition Hackathon
  2. Showcasing Nutrition Club activities
  3. Demonstration of models of Homestead and school gardening
  4. Award giving ceremony for best NCs and ICT Solutions
  5. Knowledge sharing workshop and networking session
  6. Engagement of relevant stakeholders of nutrition
  7. Launching Nutrition Gift Box

The primary objective of the Nutrition Olympiad 2017 is to create awareness among different stakeholders to engage youth in nutrition activities as a voluntary activity and bring relevant stakeholders in a platform for networking and knowledge to build a healthy nation.
The Olympiad will also have following specific objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the models in the area of local sourcing of nutrition like homestead gardening and school gardening
  2. Knowledge sharing among different nutrition clubs and experts
  3. Engage, recognize and award the best volunteers, clubs, mentors etc.
  4. Developing ICT solutions for nutrition
  5. Scaling up the Nutrition Club initiative and develop a sustainable model
  6. Social benefits of youth engagement through voluntary activities
  7. Building capacity of the volunteers by engaging in the Olympiad activities as organizer